Overcoming Adversity with Family

Here’s an update from Rebekah onMao Mao, who did “age-out” of the system without getting adopted, but her Little Flower family has been with her all the way.  Mao Mao was born with spina bifida and had been living in an orphanage in Shanxi province.  She joined one of our group homes when we first […]

Autumn Days in the Parks

In a big city like Beijing, public parks are a popular gathering place. Parks are filled with people exercising, practicing tai chi, flying kites, playing badminton, dancing, and the laughter of children. This month, we have been taking the children at our Beijing Medical Home to different local parks. These children are in Beijing short-term […]

The True Impact of Family

We believe that family based care is the very best option for all children. Unfortunately, for many children living in institutions this dream remains out of reach. This is especially so when the child has unique medical, therapy and educational needs that are not easily supported in the average foster family and local school system. […]


At our Classroom of Smiles, we love using all of our senses when we learn. There is a Chinese proverb that states, “When I hear, I forget. When I see, I remember. When I do, I understand.” Below, we walk you through a typical morning session in one of our Classroom of Smiles in a […]

Making Mooncakes!

What’s a better way to celebrate this beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival than making our own mooncakes? We invite you into our Classroom of Smiles cooking class – get ready for an extra load of cuteness with our little chefs! There are a few essential steps in making mooncakes that require special little hands. First, rolling out […]