China Little Flower is not an adoption agency and plays no official role in any adoption.  We, of course, love adoption and do all that we can to advocate for every child to have a forever family.  Learn more about adoptions here.

2022 Update: China has suspended all international adoptions due the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  We are not sure when new applications will be accepted again.

China Little Flower does not participate in adoptions.  While many of the children in our care are available for adoption, matters concerning adoption are decided by each child’s legal guardian (usually this is the sending orphanage) together with the relevant government offices.  All adoptions in China are processed through the CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption ).  China Little Flower employees and volunteers are not involved in deciding which children are available for adoption, when those children’s files will be prepared, the date the files will be released or to which country(s) the files might be available.  

If you are interested in learning more, please contact a licensed adoption agency in your home country. All parents wishing to adopt a child from China must work with an agency in their own country to submit a dossier to CCCWA.  Information on finding and selecting an agency can be found in the links below:

Rainbow Kids – Choosing an Adoption Agency for China