Every life is precious.

Recognizing the dignity of each and every person, China Little Flower works to reach out to those who are rejected, abandoned, deemed as useless, or have no voice. Perhaps you have seen or heard about the difference we’ve been making in China for almost three decades!

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You want the world to be better. It is difficult to find the right partner to realize your dream of making a difference.

Your effort must truly affect lives.

The impact must be deep and lasting.

Results must be communicated back to you.

Changing lives for good.

Brent and Serena Johnson met in China in 1990, founded China Little Flower in 1995, and since then have impacted 1,000s of lives.  

Their passion to help is infectious and the stories of those touched by this work have brought great joy to all who share in the effort. 

They know how frustrating it can be for resources to be wasted. They do everything to be amazing stewards of the donations given to them.

Know your Impact

Read our reports and follow our projects!

Give with Confidence

Talk with others, track the results, know you are making a difference!

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The Results of our Work

Hover or click an image to see where our children’s journeys began.


Qing was about two weeks old when he came to us with a mild form of spina bifida. He weighed about 4 lbs 6 oz and was very malnourished. The second photo was taken just two months later.


Yu was three months old and weighed just 6 lbs 10 oz when her orphanage asked if we could help her. Her examinations revealed no medical problems; the second photo was taken after three months in our baby home.


Fen was almost 7 months old and weighed just barely 5 lbs when she came to us with a relatively minor heart defect. Doctors were not sure if she would require surgery or not, but wanted us first to help her get bigger and stronger. The second photo was taken less than 2 months later; she did not need surgery.


What makes China Little Flower different?

We’re glad you asked.

China has unique challenges

Some parts of China are more well off but deep human needs still abound. The poor are still with us!


We bring together Chinese and international talent and both are forever changed by working together.


Little Flower aligns it’s work with government efforts, serving those who’s job it is to serve.

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